Home Care Addresses Social Isolation Worries

A recent Harvard School of Public Health study published in The American Journal of Public Health suggests that “strong social ties, through friends, family and community groups can preserve our brain health as we age and that social isolation may be an important risk factor for cognitive decline in the elderly.” The study also indicated that those elderly engaged in many social contacts had the slowest rate of memory decline. Continue reading

Caregivers’ Help With Incontinence Supplies

I stumbled across this website that reviews adult diaper brands and other incontinence supplies.  Talk about a niche market!  But it’s helpful if you are taking care of a senior with incontinence.  And the best way to deal with incontinence is with dependable supplies.

Take a look at this site Best Adult Diaper Brands for detailed information about specific brands, choosing the correct size, absorbent bed pad reviews, and general tips on living with incontinence.  It’s hard to tell how objective his reviews are, but he does give very detailed descriptions of each product which is useful  information.  Even if his reviews aren’t terribly objective, it’s great to have so much information in one spot.  Adult diapers and briefs are expensive and finding the best brand for your situation not only helps the budget but makes daily life so much easier for the person with incontinence and those caring for them


In Home Care Helps Seniors with Depression

Too many seniors grapple with isolation and depression.  But depression is not a normal part of growing older. It is a treatable medical illness, much like heart disease or diabetes. Depression is a serious illness affecting approximately 15 out of every 100 adults over age 65 in the United States.

Seniors experiencing feelings of depression and isolation have a higher risk of hospital admissions as well as a higher risk for being scammed. Not to mention it makes for a miserable life.

What can you do? Helping seniors stay healthy means more than ensuring they get good physical care. Individuals living alone miss out on the stimulation of interactions with others on a regular basis. Our caregivers serve that dual purpose of providing physical care and social connection. We enjoy our clients, building a relationship with them and sharing the highs and lows of their days. Caregivers can laugh with their clients and be an empathetic ear. We make sure our clients are getting out of the house and attending events and activities that interest them.

Hiring a caregiver to help out, even for a couple of hours each week, brings conversation and spark along with the physical help. Caregivers are a good antidote for depression.

Bringing Seniors the Quality Care They Deserve

We all realize that September 2013 will long be remembered by those in Boulder County and other communities along the Front Range.  I, along with everyone at Dignity Care, wish all those who have had to deal with this huge upheaval in their lives, the courage and the strength to put the pieces of their lives back together, one step at a time. Continue reading