Home Care Addresses Social Isolation Worries

A recent Harvard School of Public Health study published in The American Journal of Public Health suggests that “strong social ties, through friends, family and community groups can preserve our brain health as we age and that social isolation may be an important risk factor for cognitive decline in the elderly.” The study also indicated that those elderly engaged in many social contacts had the slowest rate of memory decline. Continue reading

Seniors Who Care In Boulder

Seniors Who Care!  Are you interested in the future of aging? Do you have opinions about services that should be available for seniors? Do you care about what your community has to offer as you age? Boulder is hosting several Community Conversations this summer for you to contribute to the discussion.

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Community Conversations Boulder Colorado for Seniors - Dignity Care

These interactive conversations are opportunities for seniors who care to share your vision of the future and offer your opinions, concerns and suggestions. These meetings are part of a project that’s been going on for the past 10 years, called Age Well Boulder County. It’s an innovative approach to identifying the most important needs and concerns for older adults in the county and then coming up with ways to ensure that all the cities and towns in the county are working to meet those top needs.

There are several Conversations scheduled in June and July in Boulder.