Getting Up After a Fall

Getting up after a fall!  No one ever intends to fall.  I hear it from my clients all the time: “I’m careful” or “I’m not going to fall” even though I think what they are really saying is that they are worried about falling.  That level of awareness doesn’t necessarily translate into taking specific measures to avoid a fall or learning what they can do to prevent a fall.  And so falls happen.  Each time the response is “It was an accident, I won’t fall again.”

One of my clients is the poster child for this attitude.  She falls and every time she can’t relate it to the other times she has fallen.  We’re working on that end of things, but in the meantime we needed some tips on getting up after her falls, which so far have not resulted in injuries.

My favorite find is this video on how to get up “MacGyver Style”.  The main point is to be creative about what you have within reach that you can use to get yourself (or someone) up off the floor.  Watch it til the end to be sure to see the Book Tower technique, best tip ever.