Daily Care / Personal Care

Senior Home Care, Boulder, CO - Personal Care In Your Home

Dignity Care’s compassionate and professional approach provides just the right services for our clients.  We’re here for families as you sort out the challenge of supporting an older parent, and will work with you to determine exactly what is needed when.  Our options are endless (almost).

Many long-term care insurance policies cover the cost of Dignity Care services because we are licensed as a Class A provider.

We use Certified Nursing Assistants and Registered Nurses who bring their experience, skill, and knowledge to your home.  All care services are provided by a team of caregivers working with a Client Care Counselor.  Read about our unique approach to caregiving.


There are many advantages to having CNA’s as caregivers. They are trained in the observation, documenting and reporting of a client’s health. They can recognize significant changes in status, and know emergency procedures. They are committed to caregiving as a career, a commitment demonstrated in the extra care and attention they give their clients.

Help With Daily Routines

Our caregivers understand how to give just the right amount of support.  We can be there for the daily routines.  We pay attention to their preferences and match their tempo.

  • Personal Care – getting out of bed, into the shower, shaving, shampooing, dressing
  • Meals – fix the food our clients like, their way
  • Medication Reminders – keep on schedule with  daily pills
  • Accompany – Accompany to appointments, on errands, shopping; your car or ours
  • Organize and Tidy – light housekeeping like laundry, changing bed linens, vacuum and dust
  • Companionship – get to know and enjoy them, with conversation, empathy and an open heart


Higher Levels of Care

Dignity Care is licensed by the State of Colorado to provide higher levels of care than you might find from other agencies.  Our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) are able to provide such services as:

  • Monitor Vital Signs – record temperature, blood pressure, respiration, urine output
  • Special Feeding Needs – feed with spoon or syringe, assist clients at risk of choking
  • Support Hose – get those darn things on and off without a struggle
  • Oral Care – brush and floss, denture care
  • Oxygen – manage and monitor oxygen tanks and tubing
  • Bedbound Individuals – give bed baths, change linens, avoid pressure ulcers, keep them comfortable
  • Transfers – move someone who isn’t ambulatory or can’t bear weight


Complex Care

Some clients require skilled medical care in order to be  able to remain at home.

State law restricts which agencies are allowed to offer this care. As a Class A agency, Dignity Care can provide under the guidance and oversight of an RN:

  • Wound Care – change dressings, bathe individuals with a range of skin conditions
  • Blood Sugar Checks – assist with check, record and report results
  • Catheters – clean and check tubing, change bag
  • Feeding Tubes – administer food, change tube
  • Mechanical Lifts – use a lift device to move someone from chair to bed or shower


It makes sense to use an agency that can provide an entire continuum of personal care so that as your family’s needs change over time you don’t need to change agencies.  We can be there for you when you need just a little extra help all the way through to when you need skilled medical care.