Our Continuum of Caregiver Services for Complete Senior Home Care or Elderly Care

Dignity Care, Senior Home Care in Boulder Colorado

We bring professional senior home care into the home, whether “home” is a house, a retirement community, an assisted living or skilled nursing home.

As a Colorado state licensed Class “A” home care provider, Dignity Care offers a wide continuum of services for Elder Care, from a few hours of minor assistance to round-the-clock skilled care to geriatric care management.  You use however much or little care you need at any given time.

We offer a free initial consultation, provide 2 to 24 hour care, and can offer same day start-up, and 24/7 phone support.

Dignity Care is a local business, operating in Boulder County since 1997 where we have built a solid reputation within the healthcare communities.

Our Unique Approach To Care

Each client and family situation is different.  Our unique approach builds on the strengths of the family, complimenting the care you are giving your parent or spouse.  We create a team of competent and loving caregivers, led by a Client Care Counselor.  The Client Care Counselor works with you to determine the health, safety, and emotional needs and then identify the right amount of services.  If needs change along the way, we will adapt our plan and schedules.


Help With Daily Care

We provide the support and help a client wants in order to continue living as independently as possible.  We offer an entire range of services, from light housekeeping and meal preparation to complex care for someone who is bedbound, or at the end of life.  Our Certified Nursing Assistants bring their skilled caregiving to the home so our clients can remain in their own familiar setting.  We learn our clients’ preferences and do things their way, on their schedule.  Read more about our In Home Senior Care


Geriatric Care Management

These services are particularly helpful when there is no local family support system for your parent, or when your parents’ needs are more than you can manage right now.  A professional care manager coordinates services, collaborates with other providers, communicates with the family, and represents the client’s interests.  Using a geriatric care manager can ensure that a parent is well cared for without over-stressing the family network. Read more about our Geriatric Care Managers


Nursing Services

Dignity Care’s Medication Administration service is often the right support to allow someone to continue living independently.  Our RN’s also provide other skilled services such as wound care, catheter care, tube feeding, blood sugar testing, and end of life services coordinated with an area hospice.  Our Class “A” provider license greatly expands the range of skilled services we can provide our clients at home.  Read more about our In Home Nurse Care


What To Expect

Most of our elder clients are using home care for the first time.  If that is you, please ask all the questions you want, we understand.

We will meet with the family member who is initiating home care services, and the client if possible, to gather basic information, explain the range of possible services, answer questions, and become familiar with the client and family.

One of our Client Care Counselors will meet for a longer time in order to understand the needs and learn about routines, preferences, and concerns.  This Counselor becomes your contact person, team leader, and advocate.  The Counselor trains the caregivers on your team in the specifics of your situation and monitors the team and the client.  Read more about our team approach.