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A Geriatric Care Manager is a specialist who acts as a guide and advocates for older adults and their families.  They are trained in a field related to aging including nursing, gerontology, social work, psychology, or other health professions.

The goal is to help older adults maximize the potential for independence and function while addressing issues of safety and security.  They have extensive knowledge about the resources in their communities.

Our Geriatric Care Managers have been working in the Boulder County area for many years.  Their experience in homecare and knowledge of local resources can be an invaluable asset for you.

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When You Might Need a Geriatric Care Manager

  • You do not have family members living close by and they would like to hire someone to do the things they wish they could do for you.
  • You prefer not to involve family or friends in your care needs.
  • You feel overwhelmed with the daily tasks, or paying bills, managing medications or keeping up with paperwork.
  • You have had a change in health status, even if it is a temporary one.
  • You’d like having someone you can call if a crisis were to happen.
  • You are considering moving to an assisted living community or a nursing home and need help exploring the options.

Ways Geriatric Care Managers Help

  • Advocate for the client
  • Provide short or long-term assistance when the family is not available
  • Review financial, legal or medical issues and offer referrals to professional services
  • Support individuals seeking alternative therapies and medicine
  • Schedule appointments and be the liaison with physicians and professionals
  • Coordinate the variety of services a client may be using
  • Recommend home modifications or adaptive equipment to make life easier
  • Facilitate family meetings and decision-making
  • Coordinate services for complicated cases
  • Assist with moving and transition times
  • Provide consumer education
  • Conduct a one-time assessment of a parent when family isn’t local, checking on health status, daily needs and home issues, and sending recommendations to the family


Our Care Managers can help with a short-term situation or can be there as an on-going support person and advocate.  They can be there when family and friends are not available, or they can be there to manage these details so the family can enjoy being a family.  Using a Geriatric Care Manager can ensure that the individual is well cared for without over-stressing the family network.

An assessment by a Care Manager can help clients and families recognize special needs or concerns and the identify options to consider.  This process includes an interview with the client, a home evaluation, contact with care providers, a review of current services, and a determination of goals, values and priorities.

Call us at 303-444-4040 or contact us to discuss geriatric care management options.