Help With Home Care Costs For Veterans

There is a little known benefit providing help and support for elder care costs. Veterans and their survivors may be eligible for monetary payments called the “VA Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit.” These benefits are paid out to the recipients each month to cover the costs of assistance with daily activities (cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, etc.), Home Care Costs for Veterans.SALUTE TO THE PAST

Very few people who qualify for this benefit even know about it. It is often overlooked by families of veterans and surviving spouses who need additional money for their care.  The benefit is available to honorably discharged veterans who served during a war period, even if it was just one day of a war time.

Many families are deterred from applying because the process is long and complicated. It may be worth getting some professional help. There are financial planners and consultants who specialize in veterans’ benefits and can help you understand the process. They are prohibited from charging you to actually fill out the application, but can charge for information and advice. Be sure to ask up front about how their fees since they usually say they will help you apply “for free”. Despite the added confusion of whether it is truly a free service, getting help with the application process is the best way to go.

Here is an example of a consultant specializing in veterans’ benefits, with a clear explanation of the benefit and what you need to consider when applying.



Michele – Dignity Care