Spouses Provide Complex Care At Home

Spouses taking care of one another during illness seems a natural part of an intimate relationship. However the reality is that spouses are assuming the caregiving responsibility over long periods of time and with little or no help from professionals or other family members.

If you compare spouses to adult children taking care of a parent at home, you might say that the spouse is better off as a caregiver because they have fewer competing responsibilities than caregivers who also have young children or teenagers at home and a full-time job.  But this apparent advantage is offset by financial, health and other limitations and by the stresses of constant caregiving.

Add to that the fact that family caregivers are expected to do tasks that in the past were done in a hospital or nursing home.  In this era of complicated medication regimens, wound care, and procedures associated with complex chronic conditions, caregiving is a challenge that no one should have to face alone.

Home care agencies like Dignity Care, licensed as a Class A agency with registered nurses, are a perfect support for family caregivers who need just a little (or a lot) of extra help and expertise.

AARP’s Public Policy Institute has produced a collection of studies and reports on family caregivers that are well worth a read.