No Regrets Project – Live your life in Joy

Many people express regrets at the end of their lives, reflecting back and musing “if only…” Most of the regrets are simple and universal, and have been well captured in recent best sellers and a multitude of media articles.

But what if a simple, personal reminder about how to live your life more fully could be the catalyst to change that pattern? That is the simple wisdom from which the “No Regrets Project” was born.

The “No Regrets Project” is sponsoring a presentation in Boulder Wednesday, September 24 at 7:15pm.  The presenters are Kitty Edwards, executive director of the “No Regrets Project” and “The Living & Dying Consciously Project” and Theodosia Southern, founder of the “Center for Executive Leadership” and board member of “The Living & Dying Consciously Project”.  Reserve a space by emailing

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