Care Resources for Visually-Impaired Seniors

Periodically I take the time to sort through the stacks of brochures I collect and organize them so I can at least pretend to know where things are. This morning during my organizing, I rediscovered a brochure for the Audio Information Network of Colorado. This is a fabulous service I recommend to many clients who really miss being able to read the newspaper.

Poor vision is all too common among seniors and contributes to isolation and withdrawal from social connections. When you can no longer keep up with the local news or your favorite magazine, you’ve lost some of the regular routines of your life.

The Audio Information Network (AINC) understands that local information is the hardest to access for blind and visually-impaired individuals, and that is what they focus on. And, the service is free.

Audio Information Network of ColoradoAINC is among the nation’s leading resources for blind, visually impaired and print-disabled individuals, providing its listeners with free access to recorded programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The services allows registered listeners to access audio programs online, through downloaded podcasts, on TV or over the phone. Recorded content from over 100 newspapers and magazine articles provides everything from national news to local news and community events.