Robots Provide Home Care For Seniors

Technology may be offering solutions for older adults wanting to stay in their own homes longer.  Robotic companions are able to offer reminders, monitor vital signs, and track a person’s activities throughout the day.  They can provide a reminder if medications aren’t taken on time or a reminder that it’s time for lunch or a walk outside.  Information about the senior is remotely available to caregivers or family members so that they are always in touch.

This technology can be useful in a whole range of situations.  A senior may not have family close by or may not want to live with family, and this companion might be just enough to keep them independent.  For seniors with either informal or paid caregivers, the companion is a way to offer a break for the caregivers.  When care is provided by a spouse or family member, they are working 24 hours per day and often need support themselves.  Technology may be able to offer them some of the support.

GIRAFF+ is one of these home companions being introduced throughout Europe.

Giraff+ System Senior Robotic Care






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