Traveling With Dementia

Having dementia doesn’t mean no more vacations or travels or trips.  It just means you may have to plan more carefully ahead of time to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone in your group.

I was accompanying a client with dementia on a weekend trip and thought I was prepared for every possible situation – until we got to security at the airport.  Our wheelchair escort had been ready for us at the airport door, zipped us onto the elevators, zipped us past the long line at security, zipped us up to the checkpoint.  It all seemed too easy to be true.  Things fell apart when the escort zipped my client through one security checkpoint and left me to go through another, where as luck would have it I was pulled aside for an additional scan.  My client was 50 feet away beginning to get agitated and I discovered that trying to explain to the TSA agent while she was doing the extra scanning was the wrong time to be talking.  She wanted me to stand still and be quiet.  Fortunately I had nothing hidden on me and it didn’t take long before I was able to rescue my client from his agitation. Continue reading