Unique Approach to Senior Home Care in Boulder County, Colorado

Senior Home Care Colorado - Dignity Care in the Boulder area

Over the years of being in this business, Mary Kirk, owner of Dignity Care, recognized how much more there is to In Home Senior Care in Colorado than simply providing the physical care and services.

As a result, we have developed our own unique model that takes Home Care to a higher level.  Each client is matched with a Client Care Counselor and carefully selected caregivers who then become your team of support for as long as you need us.

Our Caregivers
Over 60% of Dignity Care caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants, qualified to provide skilled care such as bed baths, wound care, checking vital signs, blood sugar testing.  They obtain required education throughout the year to update and enhance their skills.


The Dignity Care model includes a team of caregivers with a Client Care Counselor who will work with the client and family to determine the health, safety, and emotional needs and then identify the right amount of homecare services.  Together you will customize a care plan that matches your family’s situation.

This Counselor becomes your contact person and advocate.  The Counselor orients the caregivers on your team in the specifics of your situation and monitors the team and the client.

In addition to the hours of care in the home, your Care Counselor is there for you with advice and recommendations.  The Counselor will communicate regularly with the client’s family if requested, visit with the client, and be available to answer questions about local resources, care options, or health conditions.

The Counselor can make referrals for other services, coordinate with facility staff for clients living in assisted living or nursing home, even attend a client’s care conference when appropriate.

Benefits For The Client And Family

  • One contact person is always available by phone or email
  • A team of caregivers creates consistency in routines, familiarity with client preferences, and often a strong personal bond between client and caregiver
  • Carefully matching caregivers with clients has resulted in some amazing connections
  • The Care Counselor monitors the care and ensures questions or issues get resolved
  • The family can spend quality time together



There may be times when more support and expertise could help you through a tough situation and you want more from your Care Counselor.  This might be during an illness, after a hospital stay, when the client’s situation and care needs change significantly, or when the family isn’t available to manage all the details that need coordinating.

Our Geriatric Care Managers can help with a short-term situation or can be there as an on-going support person and advocate.  If you already are working with a Care Counselor, that person can serve as your Geriatric Care Manager; no need to have to get to know a new person for this service.

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